Android Xenoseeker Technomancer

Race Android Class Technomancer 2 Theme Xenoseeker
Alignment Neutral Perception 0 Initiative +3


EAC 14 KAC 15
HP 14 SP 12 RP 4
Fort +2 Ref +3 Will +3
DR / Resist


Speed 30
Spells – Ranged 4
Azimuth laser pistol 5 1d4 1d4 burn
Tactical baton 1 1d4
Grenade – stickybomb 1 1 DC 13


Str 10 (0) Dex 16 (+3) Con 12 (+1) Int 16 (+3) Wis 10 (0) Cha 9 (-1)
BAB +1 Caster Level 2
Languages Common, JTAG, Kasatha, Ancient Common, (bonus), (bonus)

Starfinder Society

Fame 2 Faction Wayfinders Reputation 2


Computers +7 Life Science +9 Piloting +7
Culture +4 Medicine +4 Profession (Historian) +7
Diplomacy 0 Mysticism +4 Sleight of Hand +7
Engineering +8 Physical Science +8

Feats & Abilities

Ability score +2 to Dex & Int, -2 to Cha
Constructed Counts as humanoid & construct for effects, whichever is worse
Constructed +2 to saves vs. disease, mind-affecting, poison & sleep
Constructed Does not breathe and can survive in vacuum
Exceptional Vision Low-light vision and darkvision
Flat Affect -2 to Sense Motive, +2 DC vs. Sense Motive
Upgrade Slot Has 1 upgrade slot (as light armour) even when not wearing armour
Xenoseeker +1 to Cha
Theme Knowledge -5 DC to identify rare creatures; +1 to Life Science
Class Proficiencies Armour: Light; Weapons: Basic melee, small arms
Spell Cache USB stick in armpit. Cast a spell without using a spell slot (1/day)
Magic Hack – Fabricate Tech Use a spell slot to create a piece of tech gear
Weapon Focus (small arms) +1 to attack with small arms
Wayfinders Champion Faction Boon
Faction’s Friend (3 uses) Use to earn Reputation even if you failed to earn Fame (Social Boon)
Marked Field Agent Receive a Starfinder Society subdermal graft (Slotless Boon)
Starfinder Society subdermal implant In palm of upper-right hand. Swift action: Activate to glow & shed light 5’
Radiation buffer +2 to initial save vs. radiation
Travelling clothes – Zero-G +1 to Con for forced march; +2 to Acrobatics in zero-g


Money: 313.5

Travelling clothes (0-G) Backpack Radiation buffer (built-in)
Second skin Battery (20 ch) (2) Starstone compass
Azimuth laser pistol Tactical baton Computer tier 2
Datajack – standard Tool kit – engineering - Miniaturization 3
Starfinder Society subdermal implant Tool kit – hacking - Hardened
Ring of resistance mk 1 Tool kit – traps - Security 3
Serum of healing mk 1 (3) Hygiene kit - Firewall
Medpatch (3) Comm unit – personal - Alarm
Battery charges (40) Credsticks - Secure data – average

Zeri has female features, but looks more mechanical than most androids. It has four arms (but not the Four-Armed racial trait). Zeri’s preferred pronouns are either “it” or “she”/“her”.

Zeri was constructed on the Kasathan starship Idari. This likely explains its unusual configuration, although it is not clear whether it was intended to be an exotic Kasathan android or a (poor) attempt to fit into human society.

After becoming a field agent of the Starfinder Society, Zeri took up the study of historical linguistics. It is allied with the Wayfinder faction and hopes to be sent on an exploratory mission to a distant system.


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